Yahoo Hack – Employers Take Warning

Last month, Yahoo disclosed that every single Yahoo user account in existence during the epic 2013 hack was affected, according to a CNN online story. This latest disclosure increases the number accounts compromised by the 2013 data breach from 1 billion user accounts to 3 billion. Any hack brings up the prospect of a class … Read more

The Deloitte Cyberattack – When Cobbler’s Kids Have No Shoes

The world woke up to yet another cyberattack news on September 23, 2017.  Nothing surprising there, news of cyberattacks has become so common lately, after all, we had just recovered from hearing about the Equifax cyberattack.  What set the latest cyberattack apart is that its victim was Deloitte, which, aside from being a “big four” … Read more

Four Lessons from the Equifax Data Breach

Equifax has been in the news lately, but for all the wrong reasons, given the massive cyber attack and data breach that happened.  The breach may have affected up to 143 million Americans, which is nearly half of the US population.  Here are four lessons that every organization and their employees can learn from this: … Read more