Cyber Wire Communications

Got to get a message out? Draw on our library of marketing materials and ‘just in time’ communications on timely or relevant topics ready for you to deploy to your organization.

We’ve created a library of Cyber Wire communications to show employees the creative ways hackers are successful – helping to ingrain in your employees an ever-questioning attitude! Get them engaged with a quick yet interesting story to discuss with their co-workers or share with their family over dinner. We offer two categories of teaching Cyber Wires – True Story and Knowledge. See below for a description of each.

True Story Cyber Wires

Teach by example… The news is filled with tons of interesting stories of how hackers have been successful. We use these real-world examples to teach your employees just how creative the bad guys are and encourage an ever-questioning attitude.

Knowledge Cyber Wires

Had a security scare you want to share? Notice a trend of employee questions about a specific topic? Use these just in time communications to help get the message out in an engaging way.