Legal Cybersecurity Awareness Training

A Full Service Managed Solution Unique to the Legal Sector

With all the sensitive information and systems your employees have access to – can you afford not to explore every option…  Let us show you how our cyber network security awareness training campaign can achieve your goals of driving a security focused culture and deliver long term behavior change.

Law firms have seen their fair share of successful attacks from hackers.  With all of the sensitive data they possess and the high-dollar money transfers they facilitate, the threats against them will no doubt only increase.  The legal industry must invest in their human firewall as part of their overall defense.

Documentation of employee training and awareness efforts will be audited and evaluated for effectiveness. We can show you valuable metrics you should be collecting now to properly diagnose your employee security vulnerabilities.

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ThreatReady’s holistic approach to awareness training will mitigate your organization’s cybersecurity risk – request a demo today… 


  1. PROVEN TO CHANGE BEHAVIOR More effective at bringing about behavior change than annual/quarterly eLearning paired with phishing.
  2. SCIENCE BASED Every micro-learning campaign asset we execute implements multiple advanced learning and behavioral science techniques.
  3. SIMULATED PHISHING Full service phishing tests with extensive library of internal and external phishing templates to select from.
  4. MANAGED SERVICE Our in-house staff of client managers engage with you to apply and customize our best practice strategies and solutions.

Our library offers a variety of media content and styles to engage your employees. Through a steady stream of short, simple, and relevant communications, we effectively keep security at the forefront of every employee’s mind, thus maintaining safe cyber behavior all throughout the year.  To learn more about our campaign services click here.