About ThreatReady

Cybersecurity is a concern for all organizations. Major cybersecurity breaches dominate news stories daily. Being ThreatReady for cybersecurity breaches is a greater matter than just using some software or tools. It’s also about the people in your organization. We help organizations train and equip their people for ThreatReady performance using a unique science-driven methodology and approach.

ThreatReady Resources offers a unique managed alternative to cybersecurity awareness training that mitigates the risk of employees making costly cyber mistakes. The goal is to create instinctive behaviors, such as putting on a seatbelt of reaching for a fire extinguisher at the smell of smoke. This state-of-the art training is founded on a combination of three drivers.

Scientific Learning Principles

Our approach reflects the core learning principles espoused by Advisory Board member and Professor of Psychology at Washington University, Henry L. Roediger. These principles are articulated in Roediger’s book “Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning.” These include effective methods of creating long-term behavior change, such as spaced retrieval, interleaving, and active practice.

Proven Techniques of Persuasion

These methods have been used successfully in the world of advertising where billions of dollars are spent to shift buying behavior. They include memorable short messaging, high frequency, and utilizing the communication channels where people are, such as social media, email, and intranet sites.

Year-Round Implementation Service

One-on-one assistance in implementing a yearlong campaign that weaves together multiple communication elements with various communications objectives to deliver long-term behavior change. This provides financial institutions with the assurance that campaigns will be properly implemented no matter what level of internal resources are available.