Hacked! How did that happen?

That’s what thousands of company executives will be asking themselves over the next few years. Based on a recent article from The New York Times, hackers hired by the Russian government stole emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and paraded them on WikiLeaks — among other sites — for all the world to see. … Read more

Cyber Insurance’s Achilles Heel

Cyber insurance is a specialized product that is designed to help cover losses that stem from cyber hacks. These losses may be associated with breaches in data, network problems and workload interruptions. Like other for-profit businesses, these insurance companies don’t want to lose money. Despite their best efforts, they are sometimes forced to release hefty … Read more

Yahoo Hack – Employers Take Warning

Do you feel more vulnerable today?  If you’re one of the 500 million Yahoo customers that got hacked, you do.  And if you are an employer anywhere in the world, you should.  According to a front page article in The New York Times, Yahoo user information that includes names, email addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, … Read more

The Hidden Danger of Cyber Risk

Cyber theft costs corporate America dearly—to the tune of $7 Million per incident, according to a report sponsored by IBM, conducted independently by Ponemon Institute LLC.  Yet most companies don’t realize how exposed they are.   They assume their state-of-the-art technology systems and written policies protect them.  That’s a mistake. Their biggest exposure rides up and … Read more

An Employee’s Guide to the Vocabulary of Cyber Security

Employee awareness is the cornerstone of a good cyber protection program. However, the expressions associated with cybersecurity can seem foreign to many people at first. Here is a list of common terms and their associated definitions to help you expand your cyber vocabulary: Adware is software that automatically displays or downloads advertising material (often unwanted) when … Read more

Email and the Human Firewall

Firewalls are designed to partition a network and define what is and is not allowed to pass through from one side to the other. They are intended to be a control gate only allowing desired transactions to reach the appropriate systems, and blocking everything else. But how you address the eventuality of unwanted email, for … Read more

Healthcare and Cyber Attacks – Like Flies to Honey!

The healthcare industry has become a very attractive target for cyber attack over recent years. With the mandate for Electronic Medical Records (EMR), in addition to conversion efforts, many organizations are undertaking integration with new service providers, third party vendors and merger partners. All this churn in the industry is like chumming shark infested waters, … Read more