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Make Your Employees ThreatReady

Current solutions are inadequate

The Problem Persists: 50% of employees are not prepared for today’s cyber world.

— University of Massachusetts Employee Cyber Readiness Survey

The Managed Alternative

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ThreatReady Resources Elements

Year Round Managed Implementation

One size fits all training tools are not getting the job done. We provide organizations the managed alternative to cybersecurity awareness training that offers a managed service delivery of state of the art tools via campaigns that are customized to support your organizations needs and objectives. Continuous measurement and monitoring of the campaign with frequent reporting and a comprehensive year-end analysis provide an always current view of your security posture.

Scientific Principles of Learning

Our content and deployment methodologies are based upon scientific research of advanced learning techniques and behavioral change theories of Henry L Roediger, III professor of psychology at Washington University and co-author of the book Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning

Proven Techniques of Persuasion

As recommended by best practice Security Frameworks we offer a wide variety of engaging formats that keep your employees tuned in. Short, memorable messages with high frequency through multiple channels ensures cyber safety is always at the forefront of their minds throughout an organization.

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