Interactive Training Modules

ThreatReady’s Interactive Training Modules educate your employees on key cyber security risks and continually nudge their behavior in a safe direction via a regular schedule of short yet engaging activities. This is not conventional annual or quarterly e-learning, but a deployment of a variety of multimedia awareness assets, including phishing that are designed using advanced learning techniques and behavioral science methodologies. Our library of Interactive Training Modules includes:

Interactive Courses: Quick, engaging courses that review the basics of how to identify and defeat a variety of cyber threats.

Close-Up Videos: Short multi-media pieces in various formats (animation, whiteboard, etc.) that focus on a few key concepts to reinforce and build on previous instruction.

Security Challenges: Quick game-like challenges on a variety of security topics and formats. Employees will enjoy these time sensitive challenges as they hurry to figure out the answers before their time runs out!

Make Me Care Videos: People will only change their behavior if they believe their actions matter! These short video assets are crafted to shift your culture toward one where employees care to actively participate in your company’s cyber security defense.