Premium Managed Services

Let Us Do It For You…

Let’s face it – employee related security risks are not going away and therefore you know you need a security awareness and training program that works. You also acknowledge online learning is not your specialty and you don’t have the time to dedicate to becoming an expect in this area. ThreatReady’s Premium Managed Service will give you piece of mind that everything is taken care of as strategically and effectively as possible.

We deliver for you a steady campaign of short yet engaging activities, including Phishing simulations, that are effective at educating your employees on key cyber security risks and continually nudging their behavior in a safe direction. Your entire campaign will be managed and monitored for you by our professional Client Services team, that interact with you as frequently as required to customize, review and revise the ongoing campaign.

ThreatReady’s holistic approach to awareness training will mitigate your organization’s cyber security risk.

That is right we make it happen with you and for you! Consider us an extension of your Communications staff. With a proven track record and more than a decade of experience working with hundreds of the world’s largest organizations on their e-learning solutions, our in-house staff of client managers engage with you to apply and individualize our best practice strategies and solutions. Our client services team will continually measure all data inputs including survey, assessment, phishing & campaign participation results for you and make ongoing tactical recommendations to advance your campaigns effectiveness.