Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity Is Not Optional

Cybersecurity and protecting the organization against cyberattacks are not optional choices for organizations in today’s marketplace. Ensuring cybersecurity is far more complex than just deploying some software or enabling certain software features.

Cybersecurity Is about People and the Human Factor

Deploying any and all software does not account for the human factor. A recent study by the University of Massachusetts reveals that 51% of employees are not prepared for today’s cyber world. With 95% of breaches involving human behavior issues, this indicates a massive level of vulnerability. The logical causes are either no training is in place, the current training tools are not effective, and/or the implementation of the training is not adequate. ThreatReady’s cybersecurity awareness training approach delivers state-of-the-art methodology in addition to our unique managed implementation service. And this ensures that the work of getting a workforce that is properly prepared to deal with cybersecurity issues will get done.

All companies must awaken to the realization that ensuing cybersecurity readiness is a people problem, and technology alone will not help you avoid a breach. A single human-caused breach can make expensive technology investments defenseless.

The High Cost of Cybersecurity Breaches

The cost of a cyber breach to companies continues to rise, and IBM estimates that on average the cost of a single breach is $7M. And this does not account for the hidden costs, such as reputational damage and weakening of the brand.

What’s more, executives and even Board members are increasingly being held liable for cybersecurity breaches. Many Directors’ and Officers’, as well as Errors and Omissions insurance policies do not fully cover cyber risk. Boards are often led to believe that they have adequate protection in place, only to find out too late that the training that was in place was inadequate to mitigate the human risk.

ThreatReady Cybersecurity Training Changes People’s Behavior

Our ThreatReady Cybersecurity Awareness Training is based on scientific principles of learning that ensure employees with internalize the training. We deliver training that results in behavior change. Our training can help organizations of all sizes across all industries. See how these highly regulated industries are benefiting from ThreatReady cybersecurity training:

What Our Clients Are Saying…
“We needed to reinvent what Information Security & Data Protection training could be like for our employees and get them interested again.  ThreatReady’s light engaging campaign assets have effectively changed our employee’s perception on this important topic and we are thrilled!”
Darrell Flinn
Head of Information Security & Risk, alexander mann

“You have a professional, organized and responsive team. The content is creative and refreshing. Your partnership in our awareness campaign strategy is invaluable and is just what we needed.”
Sam Manning Sr Manager
Corporate Information Security Office (CISO), Global Information Technology & Service Company